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What is a living room concert? It is exactly what it sounds like-a gathering of friends in your living room, deck, or garden, with live music, and often food, drinks, and conversation. This gives us a chance to really get to know our audience while introducing our music to new listeners..Our favorite thing to do!

How much room do I need? We can fit just about anywhere and bring everything needed to turn your space into a private intimate venue. Just give us a place to plug in and we are good to go ( Outside space requires a little more planning but it's totally do-able!)

How should I plan for a concert? Simply reach out to us and ask us to come to your city. It's quite possible that we've always wanted to go there, but have never had the chance - until now! Once we mutually agree on a date, we can talk about a start time and a few logistics. Then you can setup a Facebook invite and/or shoot out emails to your network of friends to let them know about it. Super easy!

How much does something like this cost? We charge a base rate (we can private message you more about that) Some hosts ask their guests to pitch in, some charge a door cover like a venue and some cover the cost themselves. Lot's of options for the host!

How long does this thing last? We typically spend about an hour setting up and will want to set up before your guests begin to arrive. We play a 3 hour show with a couple of small breaks. We are always up for going longer if your guests are willing to stay and throw some tips in our suitcase on legs!

Yes! I am interested in hosting, now what? Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch to go over details or answer any questions you may have!

Thanks! Message sent.

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